Mott-Regent Public School

We have exciting news! MRHS has received a nomination from ND DPI for the National ESEA Distinguished School program. Here is a bit of information regarding the National ESEA Distinguished School Program nomination.


In order for a school to qualify for the Distinguished School award, it must meet the following criteria:

  • A poverty rate of at least 35% for the selected year (May use the state’s average poverty rate to qualify a school if below 35%)
  • Demonstrated high academic achievement (which may include high academic growth)
  • Met or exceeded state-determined accountability criteria


Each state may select up to two qualifying public schools, with a maximum of one school per category:

  • Category 1: Exceptional student performance and academic growth, as determined by each state
  • Category 2: Closing the achievement gap between student groups, as determined by each state
  • Category 3: Excellence in serving special populations of students (e.g., homeless, migrant, English learners, etc.)


Mott-Regent High School is being nominated in Category 2 for academic achievement of the Low-Income student subgroup in Math and closing the achievement gap by at least 10% when compared with the All Students subgroup.