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  • Mott/Regent Public Schools
    "Home of the Wildfire"
    205 Dakota Avenue

    Mott, ND 58646
    Telephone: 1-701-824-2795
    Elementary: 1-701-824-2247

    Fax: Elementary 1-701-824-4548 / High School 1-701-824-4558



  • Welcome to the Mott/Regent School District. We are located in the southwestern part of North Dakota, right in the middle of pheasant country. The Mott/Regent School District is made up of the towns of Mott and Regent. They are located approximately 16 miles apart. Grades K-12 are housed at the Mott site. There are approximately 242 students in the school district.

    Mission Statement
    Mott/Regent Public School will promote learning for all people in a positive, caring atmosphere.

    Mott/Regent Public School exists to provide for the educational needs of the people of the district. In addition to educating the students' intellect, we also strive to address their self-esteem and their individual talents. The school will provide to the best of its ability, for the special needs of individual students.



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