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    Welcome parents! This is a place where parents and patrons can find out more about our Schoolwide Title I program. On September 16, 2020, the Annual Schoolwide Title I Parent Meeting was held and the minutes are included below.

    Minutes for Title I Schoolwide Annual Parent Meeting
    September 16, 2020 at 3:30
    Mott/Regent Public School District- Mott/Regent Public School in Conference Room

    The annual parent meeting of Title I program for Mott/Regent Public School District was held on September 16, 2020 at 3:30 pm in the Mott/Regent Conference Room with the following people present:

    Mott/Regent Elementary Staff
    Deb Bohn- Elementary Principal/Parent              Rebecca Qualls- Classroom teacher  Jen Greff- Classroom teacher/parent                  Brenda Meier- Classroom teacher     
    Kari Mayer- SchoolCounselor/parent                   Jared Dewald- HS Science teacher
    Mary Roll- Classroom teacher/parent                  Stella Kienzle- Classroom teacher           
    Sherryl Friedt- Classroom teacher                                 
    Tracey Johnson- Classroom teacher/parent
    Bridget Greff- 7-12 Assistant Principal/parent
    Gillian Kochel- HS Music/Elem. Strategist/parent                                    
    Amanda Ebner- Title I Reading & Math Teacher (K-6th)
    Mary Roll, Jen Greff, Tracey Johnson, Kari Mayer, Bridget Greff, Gillian Kochel, Deb Bohn

    * Everyone was welcomed and agendas/handouts were given to those in attendance.  The handouts included the agenda, scientifically based resources page of what we use at Mott/Regent Public School, school goals for 2020-2021, Title 1 budget for 2020-2021 and Parent and Family Engagement Policy.

    1. First Mrs. Ebner explained what Schoolwide Title I is and the requirements for Title I. There are 36 students in K-6 Title. Mrs. Ebner also went over the different assessments used and parent involvement.
      2. Then the instructional methods and curriculum used during Title 1 were discussed with the group. They referenced the scientifically based resources page that was included in the handouts.
      3. Family Fun Night will be held March 25, 2021. The theme this year will be the same as last year: “Lions, Tigers, and Books, Oh My!”
      4. Mrs. Bohn handed out and discussed the K-6 Title plan and the 7-12 Title plan which included our school goals for 2020-2021.
      5. Mrs. Bohn handed out the activities on the Title I budget this year and discussed where the money is being used. Also talked about how 7-12 have Math and Reading intervention times.
      6. Mrs. Ebner invited those in attendance to look over the Parent and Family Engagement Policy.
      7. NDCEL Fall Conference is October 22 & 23. It will be virtual this year, enough money in Title 1 budget to pay for some teachers to go.
      7. The floor was opened up for any questions and/or comments from those in attendance in regards to Title I issues.
      8. Mrs. Ebner thanked everyone for attending the meeting.
      The annual Title I meeting for Mott/Regent Elementary was then adjourned.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Amanda Ebner
    Title I Reading/Math Teacher (K-6)


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