• Tractor Driving Contest

    The state Tractor Driving Contest occurs during the State Fair in Minot.  The basic division is for students who were seventh or eighth graders, freshmen, or sophomores in the previous school year.  The advanced division is for those students who were juniors or seniors in the previous school year.  The contest will be the same for both divisions except for the width of the implement used and the driving time allowed.  Previous winners of either division are ineligible for further competition in that division.

    Contestants must maneuver a tractor around poles.  Safety precautions must be followed during this contest or he or she will be docked. 

    The contest will be held in the East Fair Parking Lot on the first day of the fair.  There will be a practice session the day before the contest from 6:30 to 8 pm at the East Parking Lot.  No practice the morning of the contest will be allowed.