• Range Judging


    The North Dakota State Range Judging contest is designed to encourage and assist interested persons in learning about the range resource in North Dakota . It requires knowledge of range plants and knowledge of plant characteristics such as longevity, origin, season of growth, and response to grazing and it requires the individual to evaluate the resource for livestock production, wildlife habitat and site integrity.  This contest is sponsored by the Society for Range Management, North Dakota Chapter, with assistance from other interested agencies, organizations, and individuals.


    The contest shall consist of five sites – 3 ecological sites and 2 plant ID sites;


    Ecological sites - each should be 100 x 100 feet. At each site contestants will:

    Determine ecological site

    Determine similarity index

    Evaluate resource for beef cattle

    Evaluate resource for sharp-tailed grouse

    Determine range improvement practices for beef cattle or sharp-tailed grouse


    Plant Identification - Fifteen plants will be flagged at each site. Contestants will name the plant (see the plant list in the Range Judging Handbook for accepted plant names) and identify the life span, season of growth (for grasses only) , grazing response, plant origin, and ecological and resource rating for food or cover for sharp-tailed grouse and beef. All plants selected for identification will be named in the contest plant list. Only names shown on the plant list will be acceptable.