• Food Science

    The food science and technology career development event will consist of four activities; 1) an objective test worth 300 points, 2) a team product development project of 400 points, 3) a practicum in food safety and quality worth 150 points, and 4) a practicum in sensory evaluation worth 150 points. This event will be a four-person team activity. All team members will participate in each of the four activities.

    Each year this career development event will focus on one food product category as a theme. Each activity in this event will use the theme food product category to achieve the project objectives. The state event will follow the theme selected by the National FFA.

    Possible Products:

      1. �� Ready-to-Eat Cereal
      2. �� Breakfast Bars
      3. �� Candy
      4. �� Beverages (Sports Drinks)
      5. �� Cheese
      6. �� Ice Cream
      7. �� Processed Fruit Snacks
      8. �� Stir-Fried Vegetables
      9. �� Processed Meat
      10. �� Imitation Seafood