• Dairy Cattle Showmanship

    1. Each chapter may enter one participant. Form 1 will be used to evaluate the skills of the individual in presenting dairy animals to their best advantage. This activity will take place during the dairy cattle evaluation career development event.

    2. Participants will not be required to participate in either the preparation or finishing of the animals for showing.

    3. The first round will consist of presenting the animals to the dairy cattle judging event with the finals scheduled immediately after this activities conclusion.

    4. All participants will be recognized and no defined quota shall be assigned for the gold, silver, or bronze emblem awards. Gold Individuals will receive state gold dairy showmanship pins. The high individual shall be awarded the "baby bison" trophy and a $150 travel stipend to national FFA convention to represent North Dakota in the Dairy Handlers recognition program.

    5. Factors of dairy handlers scoring include:

    1. Appearance of the handler

    2. Control of the animal by the handler

    3. Poise and calmness of the handler

    4. Demonstrated competence in;

    Setting up the animal

        Maintaining the animal in correct pose

        Effectively restraining and not exciting the animal

        Moving the Animal as requested

      Displaying a courteous, cooperative and helpful attitude

    6. Dairy exhibitors dress code - white dress shirt/blouse, dark jeans/slacks (white optional-not required), boots, no hats or caps. FFA jacket not recommended.