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    Crops judging is a unique judging contest to our state. It is special because the other states have different crops and weeds than North Dakota. Only those that are familiar to our territory are used in the contest. Contestants are required to judge a series of four different things: 1) The pan classes - which consist of four different crop types. (2 HRSW, Durum, Flax, Barley, and Oats) Participants determeine the placings of the class by evaluating each sample - such as finding cracked and broken seeds, heat damage, or foreign weed types - then rank the pans from 1-4. 2) The market class consists of ten different pans. The contestants have to go through each of the pans and determine the one outstanding trait that will affect its market grade. 3) The paper class gives you certain information on HRSW and Durum. The contestants analyze the classes, and grade them according to U. S. grain regulations. 4) The Seeds and Crop ID portions of the contest requires contestants to identify 15 seeds and 15 plant mounts, each worth 10 points for a total of 300 points.